florida enjoys 1,200-mile coast, year-round mild climate

Here's a straggler I neglected to post here (thanks, Bill!) I have to say a disagree with any description of a blazing hot climate as "mild".

OK, now that's all, folks.


HemlockMan said...

LOL! Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw the "mild climate" bullcrap was:

"What a load of BULLCRAP!"

I spent a great deal of my childhood just north of the Florida border (in GA), and visiting relatives who lived well down in the state. And it was (and remains) a hellhole of heat and humidity. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

eeTeeD said...

now that you are done with this project, what is next for you?

Mark Martin said...

I'm working on a few additional paintings and cover art etc now, to publish all these states in a book. That won't take too long.

Then I want to do more painting, and more books collecting old material etc.

As you know eeT, no matter what I say here, I'll probably do something else.