okay, let's try this

I have not forgotten to post Daily Pithy Posts here the last couple of days. I stopped using posterous for reasons I won't explain (I'm tired and it's boring).

Here's a link to an album I just started on facebook. I'm just testing the link to see if it is truly "public" so leave a comment and let me know if it works for you facebook haters. Just curious. I'll probably post the paintings here too, where they can be bigger and better.


Rick Grimes said...

YES! I...hate...Facebook...and...it
...works...for...me !!

molly said...

It's working! It works if you work it!

greg said...

I hate Facebook too! And butter! And clouds! And light bulbs! And chinchillas! And lots of other random things!

Yasmin said...

Hi. Thought you might be interested in a blast from the past. Pepe Moreno (Heavy Metal, Metal Hurlant, Batman: Digital Justice) is re-releasing some of his old titles with new art. They look amazing. You can check his blog at pepe moreno blog at blogspot. He has more recently branched out into political cartoons. Super sharp stuff. That one is 'the angry gene at tumblr dot com'.