Thanks, Chris.

lesson #1 - Well, that's what I get for trusting a cartoonist! Now why would J Bradley yank my chain like that? I actually e-mailed him about this!

lesson #2 - Do your homework first, especially if you are trusting a cartoonist! Except Rick. Him I trust.

Thank God I left myself that 1% of wiggle room, so I am not a TOTAL idiot.


Michele said...

See? We are non-fibbing geniuses!
And now you have someplace to come with ALL your quandries! But next time, you know whom to trust...

Marky Mark said...

You are very kind. Just wait til Bissette sees this. Boy, will HE make hay!

FYI, Bissette - I am still right about everything else in the universe.

Bill Anderson said...

The internet is all about chain-yanking, J Bradley's just toeing the line.

Also, I'll try to alleviate your bafflement a bit about the James Brown thing. The drawing is a page from a comic called Dreamcraft that I'm inking for a friend. On the page you linked to the characters are running a test on the equipment that allows the main character to interact with the dreams of study subjects. The little naked mercury man is a projection of this character into the dreamspace. The James Brown projection is a joke being played on him by one of the programmers of the machine. It would probably be a little clearer if there were some dialogue on the page.

eeTeeD said...

charles nicholas is perhaps best known for his work at charlton comics. there he was often teamed with the artist vince alascia, and the duo turned out thousands of comic book stories in virtually every comic book genre.
there seems to be some confusion if this charles nicholas is charles nicholas CUIDERA who created the blue beetle, and worked with reed crandall on blackhawks.
a friend of mine bought me a box of old comic books at a yard sale. the books are mostly charlton romance comics from the 1970’s. each comic has at least one story by nicholas. though his work lacks polish, what impresses me about this man’s work is that all the basics are there. his figures are well drawn. his panels are well composed, and his pages are well laid out. virtually every panel he draws has a background in it, and a well drawn background at that. the finishes on his works are a bit rough, and the lettering for his work was done with the special charlton typewriter (the pages at charlton were put in a special typewriter, and the editor TYPED the lettering onto the pages). it amazes me that this man was able to consistently turn out such solid quality work despite these things, AND while working for the lowest page rates in the industry.

SRBissette said...

Mark, I am a Yankee hill gent from New England, so I will not take this opportunity to either gloat nor slander.

In fact, I will leave you with the following, which succinctly touches upon both the urge to slander, and your calling me a Potty Mouth:

"If you find yourself slandering anybody, first imagine that your mouth is filled with excrement. It will break you of the habit quickly enough."

-- His Highness the Dalai Lama

Now, please explain what the fuck you boneheads are talking about.