more baffled than ever

Here is the graphic Bill so kindly created.

Sadly - Bill, Slatts and Michele - this is not the answer. I am 99% sure. Although I have not actually DONE it (yet) I am 99% sure that J Brad carefully created this Flash thing, and there is no trickery of size or angles involved. Also, he is still non-plussed after reading the tech-geek's now-missing explanation. If the explanation were that simple, he would not still be non-plussed.

It is mathematic voodoo! It was sent here by the Gods to torment me. Like so many things today, it is a mirror of our national shame!

I will demonstrate EVEN MORE how impossible this thing is, soon. But it will require diagrams, and I don't have time to create them today.

HERE IS WHY I AM MORE BAFFLED THAN EVER! Why is James Brown cavorting with the little naked mercury man??? Bill, please explain!

I can't respond to all the kind comments here. They are actually making me WORK at work for the next 2 weeks! NATIONAL SHAME!

But here are quick replies to anything I can remember off the top of my head before I have to go take a shower:

Janet, yes, of course I remember that party!
Mikey, you are a genius.
eeteed, I'll have to look up that guy you mentioned. You and your obscure old comic book artists!
Ardell... Tom Baker???
Rick, you da man!
Steve, you are such a POTTY MOUTH!

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SRBissette said...

Better than being a PARTY mouth!

(As in that 1970s chestnut, "There's a party in your mouth, and EVERYONE is coming!")