I'm at Benny's!

And there he is! So proud of his BOOT, POOT & SCOOT ad he finished today! Actually that is a picture of Benny at his office in the fancy schmancy ad agency - I am at his palacial studio right now. I will show you that later. After vacation probably.

Before this blog gets too bloggy, allow me to steer you back to blatant book promo. See pic #2. Those are the page layouts I did in the airport and on the plane yesterday.

Back to the orange netting... OK, I have accepted the prevailing majority opinion of these things. That is, that they are intended to be used for crowd control, a warning to "STAY OUT!" But I still see them being used in the most bizarre non-crowd control situations! Here is an example (pic #1). I took this picture 20 minutes ago, across the street from Benny's fancy schmancy office. Is this netting warning people not to wander through the chain link fence into the dangerous construction area?

Steve Bissette is a LIBERTARIAN.


Benny said...

I asked Pumpie to crop the picture from the righ about 5 picas, and he wouldn't do it.
I felt like a vain, Delta Burke type fighting with those producers from Arkansas that loved the Clintons so much.

I actually AM that fat, and am fatter than I've ever been. But I've decided to just "let myself go."!!

He really did REFUSE.

Mak Landman said...

Hey Mark!- It's really not that big of "orange net mystery", this stuff is used often on construction sites as "no go" zones to protect trees and their root zones from errant crunching by overzealous construction people and their machines...

BonzoGal said...

The orange netting is gooood... it's goooooooooooood...

So what does Steve Bissette's job at the library have to do with anything?

Hey, you should have a contest to promote RUNAWAY COMICS! Give a prize to the commentor who uses RUNAWAY COMICS' title more than any other commentor using RUNAWAY COMICS in a comment! I bet that the more people read the RUNAWAY COMICS name, the more they will want to beg their comic/book/magazine shop to stock RUNAWAY COMICS! I know that I, myself, am counting the days to when I can caress a copy of RUNAWAY COMICS of my very own. (And another copy of RUNAWAY COMICS to freeze-dry.)

Mike Dobbs said...

Well, I'm glad you've realized that Steve is a libertarian, but I'm still an "idiot."

Just my luck. I'm not an "L," I'm an "I."

Maybe that will change when my brilliant marketing ploys make you a frickin' SUPERSTAR.

Say hello to Ben for me.

-chris said...

Dang, that's what your page layouts look like? I'm used to seeing comic layouts that are scribbles and stick figures with lots of notes so you know what they are.

slatts said...

Oh right...that's why you're not at your desk!

Have a good trip!

Who needs a studio when you got an airport! And thanks to W you won't get bugged about bringing your pencil sharpener (along w/ your buck knife) in your carry-on!


SRBissette said...

Howdy to Ben! Hey, don't fret over a few pixels or pounds; we love you just the same, even if you did refuse that bank loan to Denzel Washington. When we gonna see you up north here, Ben?

Layouts?? Those look like tight pencils, Mark! Which are they, please -- I mean, are you laying those down on the board you're inking, too, or is that an interim-step layout you're showing us?

Have a great vaca, and don't mind the orange barriers in the airport...

Wayno said...

Benny! Mark! I yam jealous! I wanna be in the Magic City too!