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First I'll explain the pic.

Yesterday I read a docu-comic about a panel that Chris Ware was on. Chris Ware's artwork is beautiful 99% of the time. His stories are hit or miss. I like the humorous material, cannot read the introspective brooding material.

The thing that impresses me most about him is his prolific output. I always assumed he was a hermit robot. Now I read this and discover he babysits an infant daughter all day AND produces a torrential flood of comics, and I feel like the biggest pussy in the universe!


Then, coincidentally, last night I finally started reading Carol Tyler's "Late Bloomer". It is an enigma for me. As I stated above, I do not care for introspective brooding material - unless it completely knocks my socks off. Carol Tyler knocks my socks off.

This gave me hope. Carol Tyler wasted years of her creative life in depression and confusion. Yet here she is coasting out of middle age and producing a book that knocks socks off. Maybe I can do that before I am ashes.

I have always enjoyed her comics. The last panel of "Un-Covered Property" (included in this collection) may be the funniest panel ever created. It is definitely on the list. Having a wealth of her material collected under one cover and reading the collection as a whole magnifies their impact exponentially.

QUESTION: Does anybody know who this "Roy" (her ex-lover who became famous and drove her green-eyed monster wild) artist is?
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I am going on vacation for 2 weeks. For the next 2 weeks, posts will be sporadic at best.
About halfway through this Santo review you can see where a liberal has yet again portrayed Condi as an aggressive dominatrix. One appearance in knee-high fuck-me boots (which were specifically worn to convey strength to a bunch of mysoginistic neanderthal foreigners) and she is pegged as a man-eater for life.

Condi will never ever bind Santo to the floor and taunt him incessantly, and if she did I would not cream my briefs. Condi is a delicate thing of beauty to be nurtured, and to be nurtured by. It amazes me how these so-called "progressives" are intimidated and driven to insane fantasies by the reality of a strong woman.


RHoward said...

I hate to admit but I never heard of Carol Tyler before. I will have to read some of her work. Your brief explanation of her life reminds me so much of another talented person who has the ability to write wonderous stories and create interesting illustrations

eeTeeD said...

if you thought the new bazooka joe was bad.......

eeTeeD said...

wow! lookee here!!!!! =D

SRBissette said...

Liberal review?? Who you talking 'bout?

Condi+lying about torture in international venues=cartoonist-baiting Ilsa caricature for life. Nurture it, and be nurtured by it.

BonzoGal said...

Accck! Disneyized Devo? No no no!

SRBissette said...

For some of us, it's been all downhill for Devo since DR DETROIT. But then again, devolution would seem to inevitably lead thus...

slatts said...

so i was standing in line at the checkout of my local supermarket and i see condi's face on some woman's magazine--not the tabloids--but a woman's magazine...y'know how to look good, stay fit and be cool kinda magazine.

But somethin's different...she's SMILING! I mean really smiling! She looks GOOD! now this face I could get excited about (though probably still avoid creemin' me jeans)

Prob is...all the pictures you usually see of your babe there and ones where she has to be NASTY...those eyebrows in a perfect V and those teeth lookin' all shark-like!

When she puts em together and JUST SMILES...well, she's a different gal all together!

yours truly,

BonzoGal said...

Speaking of Dr. Detroit... I went to the premiere.

I'll blog the story, perhaps it will serve as therapy... the horror, the horror...