mea culpa

I forgot to mention the great new dittie yesterday! I'm supposed to mention dittie updates on this blog. I promised the dittie fans. It's all part of my Master Plan to make people read this blog and become rabid brainwashed Runaway Comic fanatics. (Even if you are not a regular dittie collector, you oughta at least listen to this song. "OOT! OOT!")

I should also mention the fantastic new addition to Come Write For Me by Chris Hallbeck. It includes the most plausible explanation yet for the creepy dogs.


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SRBissette said...

Yo, now you been blog-spammed, Mark!

SRBissette said...

Funny how your "not the race car driver" attracted this blowfly.

-chris said...

Dang it's a post about me and it gets spammed!