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I tried to google up an mp3 of Chick-a-Boom for anybody who has not heard it. Just to prove how awful it is. I could not find it, but the background info I uncovered is interesting. A song about lusting after a prick-tease naked girl was created for Sabrina and the Groovy Goolies? That song and "Johnny Do It Faster" (we all know what joke THAT is paraphrasing) was marketed to bubblegum kids along with the equally revolting "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt"? EEEYEWWW!!!!

You can thank your lucky stars I was not able to locate an mp3. Instead I have posted a GREAT song in which Little Daughter poisons the neighbors' chickens, who then proceed to hit her with a shovel. Good times.


BonzoGal said...

Disneyland used to have an attraction with audio-animatronic bears called the Country Bear Jamboree. They sang medlies of country songs, and my favorite was this quicky:

Mama, don't whup little Buford,
Mama, don't pound on his haid,
Mama, don't whup little Buford,
I think you should shoot him instead.

Hyuk hyuk... um, that attraction ain't thar no more.

SRBissette said...

"...and bloooood on th' ground..."

The other big laff running joke in the Country Bear Jamboree. Ya, I saw it, too.

Yep, it was the Filmation animated Groovy Ghoulies who first showcased "Chick-a-boom" ("chick-a-boom, don'tcha just love it, chick-a-boom, chick-a-boom, don't you just love it...") on Saturday morning cartoons on CBS. After The Archies bubble-gum Top 40 hits, the Groovy Ghoulies were the next cartoon 'group' to regularly pop up every week of the new season with a new insipid song, and "Chick-a-boom" was their first shot at the top. I tuned in then as a kid, as Saturday morning cartoons were the ritual of the '60s for all of us, hence my memories of the song. Brrrrrr.