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Here's a picture that Slatts drew on my birthday card.

Here is what I don't get: I keep hearing that Country X (currently Iran) is X number of years from having the KNOWLEGE to build a nuke. Not the material or the technology, but the know-how. I hear the talking head experts talking about that aspect of it. How can they predict that? Some Russian (or American for that matter) egghead sneaks over there and joins the party, bam, they have the know-how. Right? For that matter, don't we ALL have the know-how if we google it up or go to the library? Isn't the genie out of the bottle?

Last night I dreamed I ordered a CD of Abraham Lincoln singing "Onward Christian Soldiers". In my dream I really wanted this, but in reality I hate hymns. When the CD arrived, it was "Chick-a-Boom" by Daddy Dewdrop, a song I thoroughly despise in reality and in the dream. I was SO MAD!!! And now I'm even madder because I just realized while googling the lyrics that the first line - - ARGGHH! What a waste of my brainpower! I should be dreaming something USEABLE, not utter garbage.


slatts said...

Seems "Honest Abe" gave you a bum deal!

The damn music industry! They should just leave truck drivers like Elvis and log-splitters like Abe alone! Let them find their true genius without all the big machine pressure to be a star!

But alas....

Elvis ends up shooting TVs and since TVs weren't invented yet, Abe brings a gun to the theater...


Mike Dobbs said...

Although supposedly all sorts of nuke secrets are out there on the Internet waiting to be harvested, I suppose that there must be some stuff that is still beyond the understanding of the average Iranian physicist...right?

Of course, they have to have all of the STUFF...radioactive crap, big ass lead buildings, etc....for bomb production.

I don't know why people are so scared of them scurrying around trying to figure one out when there have been numerous reports over the years that there are Russian nukes unaccounted for and may be for sale someplace. That's much more frightening to me as is the prospect of a "dirty" bomb which can more easily be constructed.

BonzoGal said...

I had Chick-a-Boom on some K-Tel wacky novelty tunes album when I was a kid. Only now do I get what that song is about.

I think.


eeTeeD said...

i have very little interest in music. here are the main groups i like (in no particular order): b-52's, waitresses, they might be giants, combustible edison, the ventures, smoking popes, aquabats, arrogant worms.
i guess that's all.

eeTeeD said...

such a great drawing! slatts gives very nice gifts!

eeTeeD said...

Marky Mark said...

Beautiful toon! Nice site too:

Anonymous said...

Actually, looking up information like "How to Build A Nuclear Cruise Missle Using Only the Contents of a Radio Shack Showroom" on Google is exactly what the Bushies want you to do. You can practically hear the dry, raspy sound of their hands rubbing together in anticipation of an "anti-terrorist" bust on American soil.

So, I'd suggest that you avoid doing so, unless you've a hankerin to visit sunny Cuba and enjoy the hearty flavours found in MREs

Marc E.