what WMD?

a page from my 2005 Republican National Committee (for the billionth time, no, I am not a Republican) calendar.

printed paper, post-it, magic marker, green flair, scotch tape


slatts said...

WMD...What Mark DID!

Anonymous said...

I'll say this for our president—he appears to be well-hydrated. I count 4 bottles of water at his desk.

- JR

M. "Traitor-Boy" Landman said...

Hey, isn't that guy the same model you used in yesterdays picture?

eeTeeD said...

notice his desk is a pentagon with on side missing (the side where he is sitting) just like the real pentagon was missing one side after 9/11.
obviously, he is secretly involved with the terrorists, and this desk symbolizes his sympathy/support for their cause!