closed on weekends

Eh. Nobody reads blogs on weekends. I'm just gonna post Monday - Friday after this weekend.

Here's a pic of my son Brigham. Irene made me SWEAR I'd send her a fresh pic of Brigham. As you can see, he is totally thrilled to pose for a picture!

Comic relevance:

a. Brigham is technical assistant on Runaway Comic

b. Jim W and Mark M and Brigham M (when he was 3) originals hanging on the walls.

c. Same log home where "Marky Mark Britches" was filmed.

d. Beautiful oak drawing table (that RARELY ever actually gets used) seen in adjoining room.

e. Art pens scattered across coffee table in front of messy "Bohemian" couch.


eeTeeD said...

he looks like you a bit

SRBissette said...

Wait, no.

That's really Ben, right?

slatts said...

posting weekdays only....

well, that's "another thing" about e-blogger and blogspot and the like....they don't seem to have a "friends" link like LIVE-JOURNAL, on weekends I check what my friends have posted and visa-versa....

and I can't seem to find the link or the button or the whatever that would let me know when you update your blog like I do w/ my son (he's on the same host as you)....

but that's not gunna matter anymo', nevermind!

yours truly