Paul Jenkins, Melinda Jenkins (unless she kept her maiden name, I'm not sure), Goochie McConnell and Mark Martin. Melinda and Goochie are both teachers, a far more noble profession than comics and video games, but, ironically, I am unable to google them up. The world's priorities are so screwed.

The guy standing in the back is some Chinese warrior wearing one of those sissy Chinese warrior dress things. I tried to get Goochie to pose pinching his butt, but she would not do it, so I had to do it myself. And look - her big ol' head is covering up my hand!

Other pic: Torak The Slayer Jenkins in utero

Paul and Melinda are married. Paul and Goochie just dress alike. Paul and Goochie both used to work with me at Tundra, and now, coincidentally, they both live in the Atlanta metro area. So, being that close to them when I went to Alabama, I arranged this meeting which we have officially christened "Creators Bill of Rights Summit 2".

All agreed:
The soup at PF Chang is delicious.
Torak The Slayer is a cool name.

Debated, agreed to disagree:
Goochie should have pinched the warrior's butt for my post!


SRBissette said...

Wow, great photos! Where did the reunion take place, Mark -- and "Goochie" went by another name at Tundra, didn't she?

Hey, I'm working in that "far more noble profession" these days, but do I get any of that Martin respect? I might as well be hunting with Dick Cheney, for the facefull I get from time to time.

RHoward said...

You look considerably different without your racing garb.

On a serious you know I haven't laid an eye on your beloved in over twenty years but I do remember enough of her to say that Brigham looks just like her, to the best of my recollection.

Marky Mark said...

Goochie also (actually 99.9% of the time) goes by Debbie.

Summit 2 took place at P F Chang's in (or near) Roswell Georgia.

Brigham looks like the best of me and Jeannie all blended into a rich creamy nougat.

SRBissette said...

A big 'hey' to Debbie!