crazy day

I actually have a ton of crap I wanta post, but can't get to it. So here is a quickie:

Is this not the lamest illustration of Brer Rabbit you ever saw? I have not heard the record yet. Might be a good record, but that artwork is sad.


BonzoGal said...

That Brer Rabbit makes Pat Boone look like Superfly.

eeTeeD said...

i worked VERY hard on that album cover. i'm sorry it is not up to your standards.
nothing i do is ever good enough for you! =(

Vespy said...

Those rabbits aren't merely lame, they're frightening. They have a smirking zombie quality that brings up some half-recalled nightmare... uh oh... childhood acid flashbacks again... YIIIIIIIEE

SRBissette said...

I'll have mine skinned & dressed, thanks.

slatts said...

Ditto to Vespy but I'll raise you one as I think this 1950's era-illustrator was nothing short of a neo-nazi White Supremist! Ol'Brer and Sister Bunny appear to be goose-stepping and Brer almost makes a swatstika with his arm gestures. Granted Uncle Remus is classic tale of Jim Crow but this art turns it up a notch with Tar Baby left in the woods on the side of WHITE Road and he's about to become dinner for a Hungry Fox. And because all good White Supremists are not only racists but also sexist, the artist makes his point by depicting clearly Brer Rabbitts tail while Sly Fox is "looking for some tail" up Sister Bunny's dress!

The artist probably made a dime on that job but felt like a million knowing his message made it to all the Victrolas in all the living rooms of all the WHITE Cleavers and Nelsons of White Suburban Amerika!

What a find!

yours faithfully,