new ditty / CBR summit 3

First and foremost! Check out the new Come Write For Me by Emery Calame and the new Ditty from Mickey Franck. "Taint Nothin" is (I believe) the first Ditty specifically contributed for airing by a Ditty listener. Many have promised, but only Mickey delivers!

Second and secondmost! Creators Bill of Rights Summit #3 was held yesterday February 19 2006. Attending were Steve, Marj, Mike, Mary, Jeannie and Mark. Yes, I am wearing the exact same shirt I wore to CBR Summit 2! It is my lucky CBR Summit shirt!

Before we got down to serious CBR discussions I was bombarded with Presents of Mass Destruction, as this meeting was also to celebrate my birthday and Mary's birthday. I got some amazingly cool stuff that is worth sharing here (I'd say a NM copy of the Songs Of The Pogo lp anda Peter Arno book are comics-blog-worthy, wouldn't you?) and I will try to post, but I still have junk from the Ala-Ga trip that hasn't been posted. So who knows???

We also talked about Runaway Comics promo ideas (Steve had a BRILLIANT idea, and Mike is meeting with me next Sunday to hash out some schemes) so I could have pocketed the GIGANTIC bill for this brunch and claimed it on my taxes, but it upsets Mike when Steve does that, so out of respect for Mike I left the bill on the little tray with all that money.

This is where we went. I don't know how in the world we could have eaten in such a place in this oppressive Bush economy - it must have been a MIRACLE! TRULY A MIRACLE!!!

And here is my Restaurant Review:
Brunch was very good, wonderful spread, and it was all-u-can-eat buffet. Some really delicious dishes, and I did NOT overindulge.

Here's the problem - they are constantly "waiting on you" swapping silverware, pouring this and that, fluttering around - AND TAKING YOUR PLATE AWAY! TWICE Bissette had to say "Whoa, I'm not done with that" and once she whisked my plate away with a bite on it that I intended to eat! At that point I was just "F**K, let it go!"

It is the appearance of service, but it is clear they are trying to rush you out for the next seating!

ALSO - Dobbs and Bissette could not shut up about politics. "Boo hoo hoo, the mean old Christians made them take Book of Daniel off the air!" I almost had to get out my world's tiniest violin!

Here are the Important Decisions we made veez-ah-vee Creators Rights:

1. Not only creators, but all God's chillun, have the right to buy Runaway Comic!

2. I have the right to go global and not depend on the pitiful USA comics industry to make me a billionaire.

3. Mike has the right to tell the Ayn Rand Society (or whatever it's called) to "bite me" when they lecture him on his moral responsibility to reprint those stupid Mohammed cartoons

We could not agree on this, but I am right as usual:

Steve thinks it will be okay for him to use a computer font on a comics project he is working on. I think computer fonts suck (except for Teeny weeny, which is specifically designed to be super-clean and vector-y and tiny, so in that case a computer font is not only fine, but crucial.)

OK, bye.


Ben Burford said...

So how much was the buffet, 17.95 per?
That's not too bad considering you really COULD have bellied up to the "lavish" spread and even taken some home with you, having brought your assortment of Tupperware® containers in your wife's purse.
But there you go again, telling everybody how you didn't OVERINDULGE. Well I would have OVERINDULGED, I can tell you that!
At 17.95, you begin to figure out just how much each sausage link is costing, and you begin to amortize the amount of the meal, and pretty soon, they're owing YOU money!

Hey, why do make the "access code" so "wavy"?

Mike Dobbs said...

Mark...did you attend a different lunch? I think I'll have to start bringing a tape recorder to our gatherings JUST TO MAKE SURE THE STORY IS STRAIGHT!

Bissette and I did not jabber on and on about politics. In fact, I try NOT to offend your pro-Bush lifestyle by keeping my yap shut most times. You're going to be famous and I need another coat tail to hold onto in my desperate attempt to live La Dolce Vita vicariously through my friends.

Mary and I were able to eat at this nice place by tapping into our rainy day account we started when Clinton was in office and people had jobs! It's almost gone now. We have just about what we need for one more trip to the groomers for Lucky the Wonder Bichon and then I have to buy a Flo-Bee! Wish Lucky luck!

I do not object to someone picking up the tab if business was conducted . It does piss me off when Steve "Libertarian, Screw DA MAN" Bissette picks up a tab that I paid half for and he uses it on his freakin' taxes at my expense. I know it's his OUTLAW nature from his wild and wooly HIPPIE DAYS. I forgive him, but I don't forget!

I am so honored to have been at the Creators Rights Conference when I'm just a lowly journalist and not a creator molding narratives out of raw ideas and thunderbolts. Gosh...all we needed was a certified genius at the tabel for the experience to have been complete!

ben burford said...

Lucky the Wonder Bichon?? I didn't know y'all had a Bichon.
My brother and sis-in-law have two: Louie and Maggie.
They're the BEST!! And you know what? A Flowbee will be perfect for Lucky's hair!
Then you can eat at the Delaney House WHENEVER YOU WANT!

Hey, and Mike: I'll bet if you asked one of the "efficient" service staff, they'd give you a copy of the receipt and then you can BOTH screw the man next time! Why did Stevie get it? Why was there one receipt? Were they THAT offended that they couldn't have split the buffet check for you? What did Pumpie do? I'll bet he let Jeannie handle everything. Did he make a big deal about not eating too much? Did he mention that I've decided to let myself go?

And another thing: feel ye not unworthy to hang around the likes of those that you think are so great. They probably are.

Your friend,

SRBissette said...

Hey, Ben, I DIDN'T take the receipt.

This time.

I hear that the BOOK OF DANIEL scandal is prompting a BAD LIEUTENANT series next fall. Harvey Keitel, nude, jacking off on teenage girls's car window, whining like a beached whale, talking to Jesus -- I can't wait.

Harvey, happy to have a TV series at last, was quoted as saying, "AFA, eat my wet, steaming shit."

BonzoGal said...

Is this what you comic genii are spending all our (i.e. the comic-buying blue-collar working schmo/ettes) money on? Fancy, pricey "brunches" at restaurants that can afford websites? Where does the madness end?!??!

And I agree with BB- if you're paying up front, you should overindulge like a mo'fo or else they're sucking you dry for every parsley garnish you see.

Marky Mark said...

I know that! Chee! I'm not underindulging to be "polite" or "fair" to my "host" - I am TRYING to have MERCY on my COLON!!!

ben burford said...

Funny you should mention that.
I found that Red Raven Magic Mirror I was looking for.

SRBissette said...

This wasn't a summit, it was a 'slummit' (to quote my pal Skip Morrow, who is a real cartoonist!