georgia pics / CBR concerns

Here are some pictures from my recent trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. You can easily see why I felt so safe and relaxed there! You should go there yourself!

Holy bovine, is the fur flying over recent reportage of CBR3! Let's all just take a deep breath and count to 10...

To KP and BB: I am sure the DeLaney House would have provided seperate checks HAD I REQUESTED THAT. But here's the deal: It was MY birthday dinner, so I was in that awkward position of not knowing if somebody might grab the check and say "Pumpie, if you pull out your wallet I will smack you so hard!" The entire scene was fraught with drama, especially after all that fluttering and plate-whisking. I was just a nervous wreck! And really, what would Miss Manners say about asking for seperate checks, or grabbing the big check for tax fraud, or whatever on one's birthday? I have no idea! I am a hick from Alabama. I just try to fit in as best I can.

re my underindulgence:
Please see yesterday's comments.

The access code is wavy so spammer bots can't read it and post spam on my blog.

No matter how many times I assure Mikey that he is a genius, it will never sink in. He will forever be "a lowly journalist".

Bissette has some kind of Blog Tourettes, so if poo talk offends you, please change channels when he posts a reply. It totally frustrates him when I am always so right and he is always so wrong, but what can I do? Be wrong just to appease him?
I cannot control his outbursts. Nor do I want to. He is a Bona Fide Advocate of Free Speech. And I respect that.


slatts said...

I'm so looking forward to my vacation in Georgia....hell with Maine! "Vacationland"--who needs it! Outdoor bathing, open season on humans (cuz who can really tell WHAT a terrorist looks like? Like my T-Shirt reads: "KILL THEM ALL! LET GOD SORT 'EM OUT!") and of course the BEST CHEW!!!

Care to come along as my guide/translator?

Because spambots eat your soles!
yours forever (til next post)

shawn said...

IS that a... mannequin? In the bathtub? If so, it's the best I've ever seen.

SRBissette said...

Of course, in Georgia, "yankee" and "terrorist" once meant one and the same thing.

Soooooo -- Mario Bava lives in Georgia? That bathtub mannequin gives the ghost away.