micro-vision / information please

I met with Jim at Modern Myths today to brainstorm some promo for my Fabulous Book Release Party April 15th, 1:00 - 4:00 pm. One thing we are doing is giving away these Micro-Vision Preview ashcan copies of the Montgomery Wart story from Runaway Comic #1. They look like little throwaway flyer things, but smart shoppers will carefully press them between the pages of a very big fat book and save them. Because they are ephemera, and that means they will be worth a lot of money when I am a rich and famous Super Star.

eeteed wants me to ask if anybody out there knows what the current page rate is for drawing ARCHIE comics. I don't know why he won't just go to The Comics Journal Message Board, but he won't. I think it's because he trusts us.


BonzoGal said...

How big are these things going to be when they're printed? And can (ahem) people- you know, just ordinary people who (cough cough) wouldn't maybe be in the vicinity of Massachusetts in mid-April- could these hard-working, keen-eyed, stout-hearted (cough, ahem) folks get aholt of a copy of these itsy lil' comics for their ownselves?

ben burford said...

Hey Pumpie,
You'll send me one, won't you?
I'm gonna be licking the boots of the tax man that day, begging him to let little Frankie stay in school.

I'll put it right next to my Teeny Weeny mug.


But I really do want one.

Your friend,

mickey franck said...

i'll camping outside my Comix Revolution shoppe early April 15th ready to buy the first issue outta the box, but howzabout a little ephemera action for yer ol' Coasters lovin' pal, Mickey?

ben burford said...

Gimme, gimme, gimme!!
It must be so HARD on you.

slatts said...

what's with these flyers? You gunna hawk them like one of them street-people? A Scientologist or something?

(which is code for "Van Halen is a bunch of losers!")

JR said...

How much do you think those things would fetch on e-bay?

SRBissette said...

I love ya, Mark, but I won't be at today's powwow (dining with Maia is a happening thing). And much as the collector gene in me is screaming out, I'm gonna control myself and NOT ask for one of those teeny-tiny comics sheets.

I will, however, email my promo ideas to you today, in time for your meeting with the great and powerful Dobbs.