jeepers, y'all!

re: Montgomery Wart Micro-Vison Preview

I think you may be imagining that it is some precious little book or something. It really is just a crappy little flyer, a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper folded in half. And you can't really READ the tiny grainy comics unless you work very very hard at it.

I enlisted Slatts to demonstrate just how flimsy it is, and he sacrificed his copy to do so. What a pal! Of course, when I told him that it would be worth MILLION$ on eBay one day, he panicked and tried to "restore" it, but not being a comic book geek, he just made matters worse by using TAPE! (fyi to geek-challenged: tape will yellow and discolor over time, AND lose its adhesive quality, so you are just screwing yourself if you use tape.)

So. Anyway. OK, bonzogal, I'll bring you one when I come to APE con. Mickey and Benny, I'll just save you one and mail it with your comics.


eeTeeD said...

i never get nuthin' =(

mickey franck said...

*SQUEAL* oh, you! just for that when i DO sell it, i'm gonna buy you a lime green cadillac with a pink, fuzzy dashboard and plays "La Cucaracha" when you lean on the horn.

look for a Bob & Ray and Jean Shepherd collection on your doorstep soon.

BonzoGal said...

Don't forget, when you autograph it don't make it "To Michele..." or "To my pal," or "To my Best Democrat Friend Ever!" Otherwise it's worth less in auction.

Th' hell with eBay! I'm going on Antique Roadshow! Those creepy twin appraisers will undoubtedly make me shriek with joy on public TV when they announce what I could get in auction! So please bag and board one in many thicknesses of mylar and HAND CARRY it on the plane so it doesn't get creased.

ben burford said...

So THAT's Kevin Slattery!
After all these email "round robins" that featured his name. . .that's HIM!

He would be so much more handsome if he didn't grimace like that.

And I'm thanking you in advance for the "ephemera".

ben burford said...

Well shit.
I spelled Kavin's name wrong.
I bet that's not the first time THAT has happened.
Like, nobody ever calls me "BUFORD", either.

Mea culpa. (That's yiddish for "well, shit")

Hey!!! And guess what? The last three letters in the "security code" this time are "CLB"!

slatts said...

Hey Ben! You got it right the first time! But just call me slatts!

The damn thing is actually worth the read... it'll be much better full-size though. And forget any pay back on eBay unless you sell that puppy RIGHT NOW! Mark totally cheaped-out with the xeroxing of this thing. The black areas are all "speckled"...this thing won't last an hour on your dashboard if the sun is out!

yours truly,

(spamese for: Burgers Never Sweat!)

JR said...

Man, that slatts guy has got issues!