uh - thanks - I guess -

JR sent me a big box of Bazooka gum, and I mean BIG! Just look at the size a' that whopper!

He said he thought I'd enjoy the illustrated timeline of the devolution of Bazooka Joe and his gang on the back of the box. Yes, JR, it was almost as good as the Grammys!

I probably hadn't oughta post it here, since it's ©Topps.

Over the weekend I got a couple of really sick comments here. I want to enjoy an air of anarchy here, but that don't mean ANYthing goes! I don't think I am being "targeted" or anything. It was pretty mindless. I think it was just random vandalism. But alas, I have clicked on the "moderator" until further notice.


eeTeeD said...

sorry. i'll try to behave! =(

slatts said...

I think it's all that Condi stuff. My advice: don't go quail hunting.


(spamese for: Find The Killer Kf Keystone CoPS)

Marky Mark said...


JR said...

Some perspective... I was food shopping and happened to see that in the snack aisle. What made me think of it? I don't know. Maybe it was because this was just after all the WHINING he did for days and days about how awful the new Bazooka Joe gang is and how it is a harbinger of the fall of civilization as we know it, blah blah blah

Marky Mark said...

"food shopping" in the "snack aisle" -

What a GIRL!

BonzoGal said...

No, "food shopping" in the "snack aisle" is something BOYS do!

Food shopping in the organic, free-trade, cruelty-free, sugarless, kosher, shade-grown, low-carb aisle is something girls do.

ben burford said...

I can't believe that they've figured out how to fuck THIS up, too!
Why can't they use their talents(?) for good instead of evil?