painting again

Here is the painting I did from this sketch.

It has been pointed out to me that this is very derivative of Pokey Little Puppy, and I agree, but I swear I did not realize it when I sketched it. It's like when George Harrison subconsciously ripped off "He's So Fine" for "My Sweet Lord". I hope the Golden Books people believe that!

This is the first time I have painted in a million years. Every now and then I can't resist the urge to drag them out and torture myself. I am never EVER happy with anything I paint. It is never good enough. Whine whine whine. Where's my Zoloft?


eeTeeD said...

it came out very cute!

slatts said...

We're talking PAINT-PAINT as in oil or acrylic not that PhotoShop waacom-brush undo-psuedo paint...???

COOL! beat yourself up all you want (it's your face) but this looks great and "you're a better man than I am Windsor-Newton!"

btw, if Harrison wasn't hari-krisnahed I think he woulda strangled Phil Spector who produced not only "My Sweet Lord" but also "He's So Fine" with his then-wife Ronnie....

"Hello???? Mr.Control-Room? You listening up there???"

And if George did aff him back then, there'd be at least one more blonde bimbo alive today.....


( a spamese "YES-Man")

ben burford said...

I see you haven't been too "bizee" to paint.
Good. But it kills me how you think everything you paint is "not good enough".
How do you post pictures on this "blog"?? I'd like to show one or two examples of how you "didn't get it quite right".

Your friend,

ben burford said...

"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval."

Did YOU put that there??
Did THEY put that there??
Spammers? What?
Did their little "spambots" figure out the wavy access code?


There are THOSE who would say we were being censored.

I feel kind of "sick."

ben burford said...

I feel like an idiot.
Of course I didn't read the line about what happened to you.
Are you all right?? Did it scare you?
I'm sorry to "fly off the handle" like I do.

Your friend,

Ricko said...

The Pokey Little Puppy is not such a bad thing to be influenced by.

And you should paint more often, you nut.

SRBissette said...

Mark, I kid you not -- your painting is TERRIFIC, and I wish I painted half as well as you. I love how you work with the color, the textures, the paint as paint -- it's all brilliant stuff, love it all.