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Let's all re-focus on what this blog is really about: brainwashing as many people as possible into buying RUNAWAY COMIC (featuring the YEAH-BUTT in issue #2)!

This part is for the benefit of those who do not read the hilarious comments section, and those who want me to elaborate on Benny's silliness.

Here is the first comment I got from Benny. This one is actually not too silly!
Hey! I see you haven't been too "bizee" to paint. Good. But it kills me how you think everything you paint is "not good enough". How do you post pictures on this "blog"?? I'd like to show one or two examples of how you "didn't get it quite right". Your friend, Benny
Dear Benny,
If you want to e-mail me some art that you think is "quite right" I will post it here - and whine about how crappy it is!

Here is the second comment I got from Benny. This is where he gets silly!
"Your comment has been saved and will be visible after blog owner approval." Did YOU put that there?? Did THEY put that there?? Spammers? What? Did their little "spambots" figure out the wavy access code? WHAT GIVES?? There are THOSE who would say we were being censored. I feel kind of "sick."
Well! I was really going to give it to ol' Benny and make him feel silly for flying off the handle like he always does, but he beat me to it!

Here is the third comment I got from Benny:
Shit. I feel like an idiot. Of course I didn't read the line about what happened to you. Are you all right?? Did it scare you? I'm sorry to "fly off the handle" like I do. Your friend, Benny
Dear Benny,
It's so true! You always leap before you look! I feel so embarrassed for you!
I am fine. Thank you for asking. I am not scared. As I said, I am sure it was just some "drive-by commenter" being a jerk on my blog. I will go ahead and tell you what he (or she???) said. That goober said very ugly things about Condi, including that awful word even us people who will say ANYTHING will not say! Benny, I am not going to have that word on my blog! As God is my witness! So the moderator is reluctantly "on".
Please relax. Think of a calm reflecting pool emenating (in gentle whispers) "Do not fly off the handle... Do not fly off the handle..."


slatts said...

oh that silly benny!

is he in issue number 3? getting the yeah-butt award?


(spamese for: mark martin: always your funnyman!)

p.s. it wasn't even that wiggly today. either my eyes are that wacked now or i've been cleared as all-human (maybe it's my lousy typing skills and bad gramar...)

SRBissette said...

Wait, someone said something more offensive about Condi Rice than I have?

Now I'm offended.

BonzoGal said...

Countdown to Mark Martin's appearance in San Francisco at the Alternative Press Expo to extoll RUNAWAY COMICS: 36 days.

Thank you.

ben burford said...

I've been in a "zen" state all weekend thanks to you!!
Actually, I've been working my ASS (rhymes with anchorman Ken LASS) off both days working on two Symphony catalogues that are due Monday.

But I just "dropped in" to say I'll not "lose it" ever again. I am so fucking "zen" I couldn't CARE LESS about anything happening in the cosmos! (Except, of course, the two symphony catalogues, because I don't want Portia to get mad when I don't have them.)

Your friendliest friend,

ben burford said...

Hey, and this doesn't even come CLOSE to classify as "flying off the handle or anything", but I was wondering:
What if you missed, like, ONE letter in the "access code"?
Would the server "give you a break", thinking that no spambot in the WORLD could get THAT close to the real code, or do you think you'd be "rejected"?
Have you ever tried it?

You can tell that this "access code" thing has me fascinated. Right now they're using Optima "Wavy".


Janet said...

Hello Ben!

ben burford said...

Hey to you, too Janet!