brushy and stuff

Well, I don't never like nothing I paint, but I'm kinda happy with this brushwork I did for Runaway #2. My buddy Rick said it looks kinda like Blueberries For Sal, and he loves BFS, so I guess I done okay. Click pic to enlarge.

If you'll look in yesterday's comments, you'll see that eeTeeD bought Runaway #1, so now is the time to haul your butt into the nearest comic book store and pray they have one. Demand for this book will be astronomical and emotions will be out of control, and there are only a few of this Rare First Printing available, so I'd take a knife or a gun with me, just to be safe.

You will also see that Silly Benny so kindly offered to find me a Pampers logo... but I clearly do not NEED one, since the whole point of yesterday's post was how I FOUND one, and used it to create the art included in yesterday's post. This is proof that the Reflecting Pool Visualization Technique only works if you do it.

And yes - I would be honored to receive The Tiny Hand From The Slutty Smokers' Place Award. Nothing could make me prouder.


Mark Landman said...

Interesting note; the picture is of Mr. Martin hauling away sacks of money that Fantagraphics sent him. Magnificent as the brush is, isn't doesn't convey the sound of Mark cackling with glee...

ben burford said...

Yeah. The whole Pampers need hit met an hour or so later, dern it.
Well, it's finally happened. I've always wanted to be the stupid, fat southern sidekick on TV. I've become one in real life! But I think "Silly Benny" is not gonna fly with all my pals at Hooters.
But Alas.
"Silly" branded.
"Silly" I shall be.

As far as my copy of RC, I think you know that the check (and the slutty smoker hand) is certainly in the mail. My agoraphobia and Walter Hudson-like countenance keep me from going outside.

All the best to you and your ilk.

Your most peurile pal,

bob said...

Cool panel. I just got RUNAWAY #1, and have been re-reading some of the old Montgomery Wart stuff from TANTALIZING STORIES. I'm looking forward to RUNAWAY #2.

I wrote briefly about RUNAWAY #1 over on my weblog, to spread the word to the literally dozens of visitors I get every day.