I keep remembering to change the ditty, but I keep forgetting to mention it here! Get on over there and enjoy "Cibonet", and the extra thrill of Molly Magee's visit to the comic strip department!

So far nobody has guessed what this is. I'll update and comment on the comments later when I have time. I gotta zip out for a press check now. No, not for RUNAWAY... I WISH Fantagraphics would fly me up to Canada to press check Runaway, but alas, that would count as an expense against the book's profits (of which there are none) and my royalties (of which there are none). Perhaps next year, after I have topped the New York Times bestseller list and jumped up and down on Oprah's couch, millionaire art collectors will be flying me out to press checks and wine tastings in hopes that I will allow them to purchase a tier of original art. Until then, my blue collar is securely sewn on.

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