M-I-C! ... K-E-Y!

Close enough! See Mickey's answer in the comments here.

Actually this is the just the rough BEGINNINGS of a statue of the Yeah-Butt. Sculptor Rick is going to do some resin castings and we'll sell these babies when issue #2 hits the racks... potentially! Meaning IF they actually get made, and IF they actually sell. Yet another exciting Experiment In Commerce from the studios of Mark & Rick!

Man, I thought this was gonna be a stumper, but that Mickey stumped ME!


BonzoGal said...

Well, yeah, but... d'oh!!!

I'll take three butts, please.

Mark Landman said...

I LOVE IT! And I haven't even SEEN the "Yeah-Butt" strip yet!

I'm clearing a space in the office as we speak...

mickey franck said...

buh-buh-buh huh?! i was just trying to crack a funny... *snicker*... "crack".

worthy as the idea is to market 'yeah butts' to every man, woman, and child, i never thought that such a product could be sold in my lifetime. thank you, Pumpie! thank you, Rick! my yet-to-be-conceived children, will be able to look to me as one of the "yeah butt generation". in your face, Tom Brokaw!

SRBissette said...

"Mickey's Stump Removal" -- Sold Whereever Good Yeah Butts are Sold.

bob said...

How big is that? I'm imagining it as maybe five feet, maybe more.

My wavy verification word is "Mtelo", which I think could be a company that would market the "Yeah-Butt" figures.

Anonymous said...

Will you also have a Chicken Butt?

You know:
Q. Ya Know What?
A. Chicken Butt!

Anonymous said...

That's funny!! I think the statue should come on a sound effects stand with a finger for a lever that says pull me to hear my opinion.