here it is

See info in yesterday's post.
Here is Rooks' link and his dad's link.


eeTeeD said...

what motivates you to create cartoons?
what are your goals as a cartoonist?
who are some of your influences?
what are some of your favorite comic strips?
what are some of your favorite comic books?
what are some of your favorite animated cartoons?
what is your earliest published cartoon?
what do you consider your biggest accomplishment as a cartoonist?

Mark Landman said...

These are some great questions, I see a week's worth (or more) of Jabberous here, by spending a day on each question...

eeTeeD said...

there are plenty of artists posting here. i hope they will all feel free to chime in on this.

slatts said...

what's the paint job on this? the italian flag?