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Here's a little birdhouse that can be seen outside Montgomery Wart's bedroom window. To be more specific, here's a little birdhouse that can be seen outside Montgomery Wart's bedroom window in one panel in issue 2. We'll probably never see it again. My backgrounds have a bad case of Krazy Katitis. That's a pretty cool affliction I think. Cooler than rockin' pneumonia or boogie woogie flu. I'd go nuts if I had to draw that birdhouse every time we look out Monty's window. Once was fun, enough is enough.

I did buy a little electric train set to photograph from different angles for the train sequence in issue #3. For me, that is an astonishing commitment to realism. I'm already pretty much resigned to issue #3 taking longer than #1 and #2.

Shout out to Chris Rooks and his dad for giving me such a fantastic deal on this beat-up little train set they put together for me.

Well hell. Blogger is still on the fritz. It won't let me post the birdhouse, and it won't let me add a link to Rooks and his dad. That's why there was no post yesterday - blogger problems. If anybody knows a good free blogger that is not constantly having "issues" AND LOOKS LIKE BLOGGER* please let me know.

*I still can't warm up the look and feel of livejournal and myspace etc.

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Anonymous said...

I tried them all, and ended up back at blogger. (Typepad is more reliable- but they charge quite a bit.)

Sometimes blogger is better about displaying images if they are hosted someplace else. I use it's another free site.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

PS. oh, you approve them first - that is smart!

SRBissette said...

Hey, funny how just seeing today's byline has the whole They Might Be Giants song running through my head. Complete.

Brigham memory: "Wake Up! Smell the catfood!"

eeTeeD said...

there's a picture opposite me/ of my primitive ancestry/ who stood on rocky shores/ and kept the beaches shipwreck free/ though i respect that a lot/ i'd be fired if that were my job/ after killing jason off/ and countless screaming argonauts