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eeTeeD commented:
thanks for all the great sneak peeks of future runaway pages, but what i'd really like is an update telling about what has been going on now that runaway has been published.

So would I! It's weird, I am as clueless as anyone. I don't get sales reports or anything. That's just a fact, not complaining. I don't really expect a whole lot of input from Fantagraphics. So I don't really know how Runaway is doing. I have heard encouraging anecdotal reports, sold out here, almost sold out there - but I have no idea how many were ordered in the first place.

I'll be at APE, pretty much just wandering around and getting ideas for a real, productive con appearance. I'll have a few hours scheduled to sit 'n sign at the Fantagraphics booth - probably right next to Los Hernadez Bros, who will suck all of the oxygen out of my space and leave me gasping my gills like the fish-out-of-water I am. It has been so long since I went to a con, I really don't know what the hustle is. Also, I don't have TIME to put stuff together to hustle at a con. What little time I do have, I spend drawing comics. It's kwite the kwandary, lemme tell ya!

The weekend after APE, I have a Book Release Hoedown scheduled at Modern Myths in Northampton. That could turn out to be a pretty big deal, thanks to the efforts of all my wonderful friends and family. More on that as it draws nearer.

I have some great promo ideas in the works. Again, thanks a lot to my pals Mike Dobbs and Steve Bissette for their terrific input - but also again, finding the time is a real challenge.

Let's see, what else? Rick is fine-tuning the Yeah-Butt. Free 8-page "JABBEROUS" mini-zine included with Runaway #2, with lots of surprises and stuff.

Beyond Runaway, still doing stuff for Nickelodeon, just sold them some more Teeny Weeny strips. That is, they like the ideas and the general concept, I just gotta flesh them out and bla bla bla.

Still enjoy writing, directing, producing, starring and bottle-washing at the Denny's Brunch Theater.

Oh yeah! Check out this week's Ditty Page!

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RHoward said...

I'm in awe. Wow. Being a crotchety old geezer I don't keep up as well as I once did. I just clicked on the Fantagraphics link in your post and the first thing that I see is quite an impressive artist list. I had no idea you kept company with the likes of Vaughn Bode. Awesome. I guess next thing I'll find out is that you're R. Crumb's love child or something like that.

Mark Landman said...

"I don't get sales reports or anything"...

This is the part about publishing with the alternative comics publishers (all of 'em, not just Fantagraphics) that's always concerned me.

How does an artist know with any degree of certainty what his sales are? Likewise, How does an artist know how many books were printed? When your share of the income is based on these figures, it's certainly important to know..

The most transparent accounting I've ever received in the Comics industry was from Dark Horse, for one card in a card set! Dark Horse sent me regular statements (well, fairly regular for silly little card), and the first royalty check included a copy of the printing bill showing how many were actually printed.

On the other hand, with alternative sales being what they are, there's probably not a lot of money left for extravagent bookeeping...

slatts said...

cool! thanks for the update....

here's some tree-froggy beer cheer (see your Mar.17 post) to a very successful show at tax day event in noho!


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