free cards

Chris Couch teaches a comics history class at UMass. Last week Runaway Comics Technical Assistant Brigham Martin and I went there to hear and meet Gary Hallgren. I wish I could go on and on because there is a lot I'd like to say about that night, but I got a deadline. So I will hit the hilites:

It was cool and surreal to see the original art for an Air Pirates cover and meet Gary Hallgren and his wife.

When the talk turned to Gary's work for National Lampoon, Chris asked the class how many had read National Lampoon. Answer - ZERO! I was shocked and saddened. But I felt better the next day when I asked Brigham if he had really never read a National Lampoon, and he said he had. He just didn't want to raise his hand. I think he was probably afraid Chris would ask him to talk about it or quiz him or something.

Gary brought a bunch of TOPPS monster car cards he did in 1980, and let everybody have one. I got the Dynosaur, but only because Brigham beat me to the Blob!


BonzoGal said...

What's really sad is to read the story of the decline of National Lampoon, and how youngsters today just associate the name with some of the lamer crass comedy movies coming out.

Godfrey Daniels how that magazine warped my little mind!


Colin Tedford said...

I'm sorry to say I've never read a National Lampoon, either :( What can I say? I was raised among the hill people.