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Yeah yeah, busy week, bla bla, you know all the crap us artists spout when we are tardy with our blogging. Here's some stuff:

toneselector answered the eeTeeD q&a here.

Lots of people have been asking me "what the hell was that 'househusband' crap?" in my arflovers high five. What I said was "sort of" and what I meant was this: I had family matters I had to focus on, mainly living the "secure" life and making sure we all had a roof over our heads and medical insurance. I was not the bread-baking kind of househusband, I was the bread-winning kind. Medical insurance was extremely important because we had conditions, not just "what if" conditions. I could go on and on about being true to your Art or whoring out for the System and what it's like wasting time creating crap instead of comics. The bottom line for me was family. Comics is a risky business no matter how great you are. Just ask - oh heck, I don't wanta name names as if to say "THIS loser". Just think of all the great comic artists who are barely scraping by.

Now we are finally secure enough that I can spend more time creating stuff like the cover of Runaway Comic #2, a tiny portion of which may be seen above.

"Househusbanding, sort of..." Dear awesome Kathi told me just yesterday that I need to work on my communication skills. My verbal shorthand is often perplexing.

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