what up with all the text-only movie posters?


eeTeeD said...

well, if your fees for painting movie posters weren't so HIGH, maybe they could afford to put some pics on 'em!

SRBissette said...

For all kinds of reasons -- high newspaper ad rates, corporate theater chains, lack of showmanship, dependence on internet advertising, uncaring marketing depts., etc. -- movie advertising has been in the toilet for years. In our town paper, it's just a list of titles each week: if you never heard of the movie, good luck, bunky. I remember opening the newspaper to the movie pages used to be intoxicating when I was a kid, when ad graphics competed for catching your eye, the ads told you what the movies were, and shameless hucksterism spawned orb-popping titles and ballyhoo worthy of a bloodthirsty Barnum.

No wonder movie attendence is down every year. The addiction to 'pre-sell' and alternative media is part of this, too. You know, even we movie lovers aren't motivated to scour the internet to find out what every damned mystery title might be -- who has the time? Who has high-speed internet access? Whatever happened to impulse movie-going -- which is almost impossible now, unless you mysteriously 'know' what these increasingly nondescriptive titles are even referring to?