Hello 33,800 Scots!

No, wait, if they have an estimated audience of 33,800 per annum, and I'm going to be exhibited 3 months, that's only 8,450 Scots. But if every one buys a Runaway Comic, that's a second printing!

I got this letter from Alison and Charlotte at Functionsuite that explains it all much better than I can:

I am writing to you to invite you to participate in an exhibition at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Edinburgh, Scotland during July, August and September 2006. This exhibition is organised by Artlink, an arts and disability charity, and is intended to introduce patients and staff at the hospital to the work of well known and up and coming artists. Our intention with this exhibition is to show just how diverse comic and illustrative art can be and hopefully, offering an insight into ‘the human condition’.

The Royal Edinburgh is a Victorian residential psychiatric hospital and Artlink through its Functionsuite programme is responsible for artist residencies and exhibitions in the hospital. Projects centre around artists and individuals collaborating to make art works which challenge preconceptions of art within the field of art and mental healthcare. The exhibitions programme shows art works which in some way compliment the work going on in the projects or seeks to challenge the traditional understanding of the showing of art in hospitals. Please see the attachments for more information on our work.

There are a number of patients and staff who have a very real interest in comics and we want to put on an exhibition of artworks by different artists, filling the corridor gallery with images and text from comic artists. Images will be displayed in the gallery corridor within the hospital and reproduced in a small self generated catalogue which will be distributed free to the patients and staff within the hospital. I am looking for an example of your work that you feel represents your practice and if possible, accompanying text about your selection or practice. The image need not be an original artwork and could be an email attachment that we could reproduce for the gallery and exhibition catalogue.

"Hectic Grueling Torture Vision", 5 pages out of Runaway Comic #1, will represent me in this exhibit. Other artist in the exhibit include Ethan Epersoff, Dylan Meconis, Alan Hunt, Erika Moen, Renee French, Jonathon Dalton, Graham Annable, Tomer Hanuka, Joel Orff, Josh
Neufeld, Scott Mills, Hunt Emmerson, Vincent Stall, Malcy Duff, jenniferdaydreamer, Max Estes, Matt Madden, Tom Hart, Jonathon Sperry and Dan James.

The invitation I got included the artwork above and a PDF file. The top image is labeled "Nicky Barrett". The bottom is labeled "Margaret Cairns". The artwork was probably explained in the PDF file, but I lost the PDF file. I am pretty sure I probably subconsciously did that on purpose, because I hate PDF files.


slatts said...

yeah, PDF's suck!

Wow! that's a spacious hallway gallery! If my one-man in SEP was only as wide!

That's cool that the European's dig comic art so much....

I'll try my damndest to make your opening but I'm not sure my passport's in order!

Benny said...

MANNN!!!! Why did you lose the PDF???
You know how much I (with emphasis, but there's not way to make it "all caps," because it already IS all caps!) hate it when you don't give enough explanation!

Was that "student" art??

You know, the autistics right here in Birmingham, Alabama create fantastic art. I believe you've seen some!

I think it's very cool that you're in the exhibition, and it's even COOLER that it's "Royal" and "Edinburro"! Just like THE PRIME OF MISS JEAN BRODIE!

I think we ought to tell Wayno that they need to start calling it "Pittsburro".

Benny said...

And WHY, pray tell, do you hate PDFs so much?
I happen to like them a LOT!
I'm constantly having to "raid" PDFs I've opened in Photoshop!

Anonymous said...


Just a little comment to support everyone to go see the artwork! I work at the hospital and i know that the work that goes up is enjoyed by so many!