not THIS friday

NEXT Friday, May 26, is when EVERYTHING will start updating every Friday. John (Rovnak of panel-to-panel) just announced it on some message boards, so we decided to leave installment 1 up this week and give the billions of internet users a chance to feel like they are "getting in on the ground floor". This could also help your shares of EVERYTHING stock skyrocket, so tell your broker to BUY BUY BUY!

Meanwhile, here is the first panel of a new one-pager I just started penciling. Runaway Comics Technical Assistant Brigham Martin is going to ink this one. Oh boy, you can see where this one is headed! What hilarity!

Random stuff:
eeTeeD, I'll try to get a big version of that thing online.
Slatts, yes, TW is done in Freehand.
Number of responses to post: ZERO
jr, your thesis is due!


Marky Mark said...

oops - correction -
ONE response to post: COLIN!
I meant no responses FROM CRAIGSLIST WEIRDOS.

Colin Tedford said...

You could try some flyers. I used them every so often when I had a weekly thing in Keene, though they didn't seem to have much effect (except the ones at the college). You've got a "hipper" population there, though, so who knows?

I am just now getting to copying that post over to the Trees & Hills board. Here I go!

slatts said...

Nazis meet Hillbillies! COOL!

I'm not a Craiglist Weirdo but hanging out in bars with underground cartoonists sounds cool...

Farmer Brown chugged beers down
with some cartoonist dudes

Drew Nazis and freaks and hillbilly geeks
and big breasted nudes

Emery Calame said...

This isn't about that sicko voluntary cannibalism thing is it?

Emery Calame said...

Guy#1: You want me to chop off and fry my WHAT?!!

Guy#2: Hey! WHat's the matter? Where are you going?

Guy#1: Well... I'm headin' out to the truck to get my semi-auto 12 guage.

Guy#2: Ummm...What do you need THAT for?

Guy#1: Well, to tell the truth, your alternate sexuality offends and fightens me so I'm planning to empty the whole eight round tube magazine into your sick evil maniac torso and then I'm probably gonna frantically smash whatever remains with the solid wood stock until my metabolism gives out.

Guy#2: Oh! You really DO love me! Here Let me put some nice romantic music on and lay down some tarps! Do you like the Moody Blues?

High hat.