I love the colbert report

and I've been reading so much about this great truthiness to power speech. I finally got around to watching it. I gotta tell ya, it was okay, but it was just not that funny. I think this TIME article nails it and analyzes it a lot better than I can (hey, I'm not getting PAID to ramble on about it). I wanted to like it. I wanted to laugh. I usually do laugh at Colbert, yes, even when he is skewering the Regime. But this speech was dull.

I wonder if he, Colbert himself, has been interviewed about all this hero worship? Does he think he "stuck it to the man" or was he just trying to do his routine? Does he think there's a conspiracy to silence him, or does he think he was just off his game? If anybody knows what Colbert thinks about it all, please share.

I like Claudette Colbert okay I guess. But the movie The Egg and I was nowhere near as good as the book. Which is great. Read the book.


JR said...

You are totally missing the point. But like you always say, if ya hafta explain it...

Anonymous said...

"The Egg & I"? Is that a ripoff of the long-out-of-print Channing Bete booklet, "The Egg & You"!?

slatts said...

I don't have much interest Stephen but after reading some about Claudette, I see there's some film classics I need to check out (even if the Egg and I was a disappointment to Marky Mark--he didn't laugh at that "other thing")

Janet said...

The Egg and I was a nifty book...I still have a copy somewhere..

BonzoGal said...

Speaking of eggs... not...


Jed said...

Mark, I resisted the temptation until now.


Colbert was more than funny--he didn't miss a single target. Almost everybody there got their nose rubbed in their own shit, and good.

The reason Colberts apparent audience wasn''t very impressed, is because, they weren't his audience. They were his TARGETS. His audience, was us.

Check that video again. Colbert gets some actual hand over mouth gasps at the beginning of his monologue. Not because they were thinking, "I can't believe how unfunny this is" , but it was more like, "I can't believe he's saying this HERE of all places".

Now apparently, before the Colbert monologue, Bush did some kind of lame skit with a Bush impersonator that got loud gufaws from the ass-kissing white house press corp, terrified as they are, of losing their oh so covetted access. And come on, how could that not suck?

If you thought Colbert was "off his game" (and I happen to disagree) you also have to realize he was overwhelmingly surrounded by a hostlile audience. that he said what he said in the face of that. And that that takes serious balls.

Mark, it's been what, something like six years of corespondence, and this is the first time I realized you were politically conservative. I mean, I knew you were about some stuff, but I guess I just never knew.

Well, you know, so's David Lynch I guess.

We'll just have to agree to disagree on this one.