WARNING: politics

What the hell. It's Sunday, it's raining, I'm caught up on my chores. Might as well check out a blog or two, right? So I check in on HOT AIR and -

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this and actually thought it was pretty dang funny. Although I usually agree with Michelle and company, I have to disagree with their verdict on this one. I doubt if Franken wrote it. If he did, it's the first funny thing he's written since Stewart Smalley.

Isn't it ironic? Al Gore makes my skin crawl, but I like this skit much better than that Colbert yawner. Which I now publicly invite my friend jr to splain (see comments after the post). Splain! I'm all ears.

Meanwhile, back at Michelle's - this is a bit of a puff valentine to the NSA, but at least it is interesting and provides a little (don't roll your eyes like that, I said a LITTLE) historical background to balance all the hysterical foreground I'm reading on a daily basis.

One last thing, as long as I am on my soap box:

ONE STINKING JUROR!!! One jackass has decided that I have to buy Moose-owie a square of toilet tissue, which I estimate may be my share of the money it takes to keep that ass alive for 30 or 40 years. I hope that square is very rough and not very absorbent.

OK. I'm finished. I'm sorry. Don't hate me. I promise I won't bore you with politics again for at least a whole month. AT LEAST. Unless somebody really needs a good bitch-slap, or says something in my comments that will make me look like a pussy if I don't answer them.

Your friend,
Bleating Sheep


Mike Dobbs said...

I don't hate you Mark. Honest.

I could care less if they had voted to kill the guy. As long as he's out of the picture that's fine.


We still don't have the people responsible. We've killed a lot of other folks, but not the ones who planned the assault on this country.

I'm sure the folks at Hot Air would just check me off as another "liberal" journalist whose opinion has been colored by the great Left Wing machine.

But the fact remains, the people who are behind the attack on this country are still at large and the bulk of our military is mired in a conflict in a country that was not involved.

Hey, just hot air from me, right?

JR said...

Perhaps you can write to Charles Krauthammer and explain to him why you think he's an idiot. He said he would have voted for life in prison, too.


Marky Mark said...

OK, I will!
I don't have time right now, but I will in a day or two.
Are you working on your splanation?

mickey franck said...

if he truly were involved with the attack on the Reichstag,er... World Trade Center, wouldn't one think that Moussaoui could provide some useful information more alive than dead? besides, you know how some people are strongly motivated by a martyr. Christianity is full of them.

sure Michelle Malkin's a cutey pie, but funny or insightful she ain't. maybe conservative speakers might get invited to universities (other than Bob Jones) now and then if they gave a tinker's cuss about science or reason.

perhaps politics isn't the best topic for a comics site. but, please remember that some of your oldest and biggest fans love you even though...