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oops. I forgot t0 mention, (but it's pretty obvious) - Yesterday's guy was going to head up the Magic Shop.

Here's the little guy that was going to head up the Jokes 'n Gags section of the site. I'm sure you recognize the poo-poo cushion, but you may not be familiar with the less-famous brain floss illusion. Sculptor Rick animated this guy in Flash. That Sculptor Rick, he's a jack of all trades! Sadly, Joke Shop Guy is the only one who got animated before 4-eyes realized they just couldn't squeeze things into the 4 departments they had chosen and the whole deck of magic cards collapsed in a pile. That is, Joke Shop Guy is the only satellite that got animated. But Rick did a beautiful animation of the Papa Four Eyes logo, which I will post on Day Five.

That was over a year ago, but I'm happy to say our friends at Four Eyes are at last re-designing their site and the little satellite guys will at last be used, if only peripherally. I've seen the work-in-progress and it looks nice for a hard-sell site. If you're interested, check back at this link in about a week. They should be incorporated and on-site by then.

Why Dial Soap???

There's a new update at EVERYTHING. So far I don't think they have updated on Friday once. I can't detect any pattern at all to the updating. I know they are working on it, so the Friday updates will commence... uh... someday.

Here's a letter I got from this guy who amassed an amazing collection of sketches when he was in high school 6 years ago. Yes, I do remember him, and yes, I will send him a new sketch.

Dear Mark,
My name is Jeremy Adolphson and I am a 23 year old Graduate student at Northern Illinois University where I am getting my M.A. in Sociology. You may not remember me, but I wrote to you six years ago when I started my art collection, of sketches on 4x6 inch cards. I was a novice when it came to art collecting and when I started I actually used regular index cards as opposed to using paper that was acid free. It is because of you that my collection has grown to what it is today (more than 1500 pieces), I would encourage you to view my website at where you can see about 1/3 of my collection.
The reason I’m writing you, besides showing you what other artists have done, would be to ask whether or not you would be interested in decorating another card to update the images? I was thinking about comparing the drawings from 2000 to the new ones in 2006, but I’m not sure if you would consider doing this.
I would be more than happy to provide you with a self addressed stamped envelope along with a pre cut acid free card. If you do decide to make another drawing, I will provide a link to your website underneath the image.
I do look forward to hearing back from you, I hope you are well and please keep me updated on your new projects.

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