teeny weeny progress

Looks like the latest 8-chapter adventure is a go, except for chapters 6 and 7. I think they're funny enough, but I'm not upset that they got canned because the new re-writes are even funnier imho! And since the sketches for the originals are DOA, I can post them here! Yay! CONTENT ROCKS! Click to embiggen...

Here's a cute thread where some kid asks "Who's your favorite Teeny Weeny character?" and other kids respond with "IMPY!" and "SHARK HUNTERS" and "SPONGEBOB!" Not my characters! In fact, IMPY is TW's sworn enemy! Kids - ya gotta love 'em! Thanks to my awesome edittur Duffy for pointing out this thread!

Here's a strange new blog that reminds me of NANCY'S MAGAZINE in its homegrown enthusiasm, and a naive but determined entrepreneur with its unbridled huckstering. I'm not sure what to make of it - I just thought it was interesting...

I commented here. There was another comment on this page yesterday, some jerk telling Jane that her blog sucks and she should drop dead. But now it's gone, so obviously you can take you opinion and cram it if you don't like Jane.


JR said...

My LEAST favorite Teeny Weeny character is Scrappy-Doo.

Benny said...

Wow. Jane Lake. So "screen namey". Did you see her silhouette? Too bad she didn't have "the space"!

I guarantee you she's one of those folks scrambling around New York to be a star while doing something else during the day. Kind of like Erdman, maybe? She might know Erdman!
Maybe he was on her "chain Reaction" team.

I hope she gets on!

And people that have to tell other people that they suck to make them (the people) suck more than the other person could ever suck.

Yours for total harmony,


eeTeeD said...

the concept art is great! i couldn't get the nancy blog to work.
how 'bout a runaway comics update?