This is slightly cool. I have been meaning to do this for years. Years! And I finally did it. I finally changed the 404 page on my site from the ugly generic thing my host uses to an ugly original creation with a link back to my site. I have a really cool piece of art to go with it, but I cannot for the life of me get it to show up online. I guess the hidden cgi/html/hoodoo stuff in the background requires a special code for graphics? I dunno...

Also in markmartin.net news, I am FINALLY about to update the site and turn it into a more professional-looking portfolio type thing. Now that I have this blog to act stupid on, I can start taking my site more seriously. And I want to have something more coherent up before I go to the International Book Fair. I don't want to look like a redneck!
This is also interesting.
So is this.


Jed said...

Does this mean you're reviving the Mark Martin (race car driver) fan, and fan fiction site? That had to be one of my favorite things on the old site.

Ehhemm recently updated: I Apologize in Advance (jedalexander.blogspot.com). I don't mean to shamelessly on purpose plug my blog, but (whine) it's getting lonely over there. Just pictures, no politics. Promise.

PS: I hear Dial Soap is a good vehicle for inducing abortions.

slatts said...

Junior Sample! What a classic!

Another 50th b'day card...awesome job! (but Steve I gotta COLOR one!)

Portfolio site?....hmmmmm...remember the days when you changed your site monthly and each month was like going to the circus or the movies or the arcade or all THREE!!????

Where days longer back then?

BonzoGal said...

Junior Samples for Prezdint!


Anonymous said...

Not fair! I wanna turn 50! I wanna Mark Martin original 50th birthday card!

[The Voice of Reason pouts]