why this picture is here

I do love these Rockwell "April Fool" paintings. But that's not why it's here.

The new issue of Nickelodeon Magazine contains a gag comic written by commenter bonzogal! And drawn by me! I wanted to yak it up here! So I went online to find a jpg of the cover of this month's issue. But I can't find it. Nick's website still has the Nacho Libre cover on it (as of 4:00 pm July 11, 2006). The cover you want to look for has Johnny Depp wearing girly eye make-up the cover.

Well, I could not find the cover of the magazine, so I did a google image search for "desert island gag" - you know, just to set the mood. The one and only image that returned was this Norman Rockwell painting. Go figure!

So anyway, when you find the new Nick Mag with Johnny Depp on the cover, find the GAG STATION page (with GAG STATION Header by me, by the way), and right next to Wayno's gag you'll see a gag by "Mantynen/Martin". That's us! Me and bonzogal!


BonzoGal said...

Wheee-hooo-yeee-ahhh! Now I know how Rob Petrie felt in the Dick Van Dyke Show. I'm a comedy writer fer reals now!

Thanks Mark! This is a happy day for this lil' cube farmer gal.

sweethang said...

Hey! I'd love to try my hand at creatively, well creating, a Gag Station Header!!!!!!! bonzogal has inspired me!!!!!! Relatively new fan of comics and Mark Martin here. Hey, if I'm gonna start somewhere, may as well be at the top!

BonzoGal said...

Go Sweethang go! But I didn't create the Gag Station Header, I wrote the gag for one of the comix below the header. Mark does the headers on his ownsome 'cause they're ART and he's an ARTIST.

Me, I'm a writist.