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Runaway Comic #2 is DONE! I am on to #3. A new and improved "Crazy Boss" will be the backup story in issue 3. This mandrill butt will be completely re-drawn and updated. So I can post the old one here, and you'll still have to buy issue #3 if you want the absolute best mandrill butt that money can buy. Don't settle for this old thing - Go for the gold!

ps - It is entirely a coincidence that this breaking news about issue 3 follows the YEAH BUTT hype from issue #2. Runaway Comic is NOT strictly a "butt comic". Runaway Comic covers a vast array of non-butt-related subjects in a thoughtful and humorous fashion. Don't be butt-shy. Buy Runaway Comic TODAY! (You do not HAVE TO buy from panel to panel. Runaway Comic is available in finer comics shops everywhere. I am providing the link to panel to panel as a service to all who cannot find Runaway elsewhere. But if you DO buy issue #2 from panel to panel, you will receive a cool prize!)

pps - THANKS to all the ladies who burned their bras for YEAH BUTT! I will even thank the lady who took Jed's side! All comments are welcome here! (except racial slurs about Condi!!!)
This is bizarre. I got a second-hand invitation to be on Trading Spouses! (if it's real...)
I weigh in on Superman of all things, over at Mikey's blog. WARNING! This is SLIGHTLY political. But it has been OVER A MONTH since I promised I would not say anything political for a month. That is an excellent record for a blogger! Here is where I promised. UPDATE: Mickey and I had a nice conversation offline after he challenged me, and we still love each other. He admitted I'm not a flag waving jackbooted neo and I admitted he's not a crybaby appeaser. Good times.
Anonymous asked me if this is the song by Klaus Nomi I am looking for. YES!!! That is the song, but Klaus does it sooooo much better than all of those clowns on YouTube. And I am not a Klaus Nomi fan. To me, Klaus Nomi is a one-hit wonder and "You Don't Own Me" is that hit! I'll still send a free prize to the first person to mail me a good clean copy of the studio version of "You Don't Own Me" by Klaus Nomi. No live versions or bootlegs or TV captures - I want the real thang!


eeTeeD said...

y’know, if you are really serious about wanting to make this YEAH BUTT statue appeal to women, you gotta consider two variations:
1) make the YEAH BUTT statue as a scented candle (with lots of varieties)
2) put a little fan and air freshener scents inside the statue

BonzoGal said...

Um, even if it's a nice smell, I don't want a YEAH BUTT with any odor emanating from it.

No, the best way to make me want more than one YEAH BUTT is... make accessories for it! I want the Y.B. Malibu Dream House, the Y.B. Evening at the Oscars Ensemble, and the Y.B. Rainbow Sparkle Dream Makeover Set.

Mark Landman said...

"Runaway Comic is NOT strictly a "butt comic". Runaway Comic covers a vast array of non-butt-related subjects in a thoughtful and humorous fashion."

Oh sure, but which one of us us wanted to draw a "big ol' butt' on the back of the ship for the Jabberous cover? C'mon, time to fess up, by issue #20 Runaway will be nothing but close-ups of Mandrill butts...