turf farming

Turf farming is very big in southeast Rhode Island. A farmer can earn 10 times as much money growing turf for golf courses than s/he can earn growing potatoes. I think that estimate sounds high, but that is what the locals say. I told them to grow marijuana. Or poppies. And load up the back of my little red Janet Reno truck! Just as a performance art thing. Don't worry, I don't take drugs. Or sell them. I just support your right to grow them. And put them in my truck.

There is something very cold and unromantic about a turf farm. I just can't imagine Willie Nelson and Neil Young singing concerts to raise money for the poor turf farmers. Even if they are poor! I'd be like "Well if you're hungry grow some potatoes!"


Anonymous said...

I think the world is ready for a new brand of blues. Forget about that silly ol' Mississippi Delta. What we need is Narragansett Bay Blues:

Ohhhhh, daddy was a turf farmer
And mama sold pottery
I said, daddy was a turf farmer
And mama sold pottery (at a little shop in Wickford)
I had a decent upbringing
I guess that's why I'm not in misery...

It could catch on!


slatts said...

TURF's up! Mr. PotatoHEAD!!!

BonzoGal said...

If you ever bothered to come to California like you were SUPPOSED TO earlier this year, you'd see everyone driving trucks full of marijuana around.


RHoward said...

Right on Bonzogal....I can say with some authority (complete with a few pics as proof) that a similar phenomenon exists in Wisconsin.....the marijuana grows wild and prolific there and the harvest in September and October is somewhat humorous with the locals jumping off the backs of pick-up trucks to grab plants off the side of the road while the driver keeps a keen eye out for old "smokey bear".