so long, rhode island

So ends our tour of a tiny corner of the tiniest state. I saw this church in an antique shoppe down there. According to the shoppe owner it was built in the 20s and 30s. The dates over the door make me wonder if 1930 - 1933 is a more accurate timeframe. Whenever it was built, my hat is off to the builder.

In the 7-11 comments, sweethang said "I'd love to try my hand at creatively, well creating, a Gag Station Header!" I just have two questions: What is hanging, and what is sweet about it?

KIDDING! Serious answer: I love to jam with people, and I am always hard up for a gag idea. Anybody that wants to take a shot at it, go for it! I even pay! Here is what I pay for writing:

If your idea is lame and has to be tweaked and massaged a lot (basically just a "germ of an idea") - $20

If your idea is totally awesome and killer right off the bat - $35

If your idea is totally awesome and killer right off the bat, and you send a rough sketch - $50

All of the above fees are paid IF THE IDEA SELLS! If it does not sell, I don't get paid and I don't pay you.

Email lasagnalagna at yahoo dot com if you have an idea, sweethang. Or anybody else for that matter.

FINE PRINT: Look, I can't afford a lawyer, so let's keep it friendly, folks. I'm not going to make you sign a whatever-they-call-it before I'll look at your idea, and you're not going to try to sue me if you see a gag that you think looks like your idea got stolen. Deal? I'm so fair and honest, people actually glow when I walk by. Just being in the same city as me rehabilitates hardened criminals.


slatts said...

hey, thanks for the WHOLE show! It's a Rhode Island I never knew existed.

Anonymous said...

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Benny said...

How much did that little church cost?