It has been awfully quiet here at jabberous lately, hasn't it? While it's true I have been working on the finished art for the next batch of Teeny Weeny strips (excerpt above) and that is very tedious and time-consuming work... It is also true that I am in the grip of a crushing ennui. And who wants to hear about THAT? So I have been silent.

Today I got actual printed samples of the FREE mini-comic in the mail, you know, the one you will get FREE if you order Runaway Comic #2 from panel to panel. It's gorgeous! Just you wait and see. If it is not the best FREE mini-comic you ever got in your life, you must be connected to some kind of really kickass FREE mini-comic network.

I also got an e-mail from my editor/publisher Gary Groth at Fantagraphics. He said Runaway #2 is a great issue - so THERE! That PROVES it!


Colin Tedford said...

Come up to our shindig tomorrow & we'll help you crush your crushing ennui (okay, i know, you're not supposed to drive under the influence of ennui).

Did you catch the cartooning get-together @ Modern Myths 7/19? I only found out the night before and couldn't go b/c I had plans to be eating birthday cake. And the organizer failed to provide contact info on the flyer! Bad organizer! I was going to call the store during, but the cake made me forget.

eeTeeD said...

glad to hear things are going well with runaway.
i just finished rough pencils on my comic. i’m going to take a break from the comic to work on a one page collaboration with mark armstrong. hopefully it will go well, and then i will continue with my comic (which i hope to be done with by summer 2007).

Benny said...

You never told me how much that little church cost.

If you're so "ennuinated" at the moment, why don't you just get interested in that.

Jane Lake said...

I hope your teeny weeny's are veggie weeny's! They are cute.