believe it or not -

this is part of the new Teeny Weeny suite. WHY? Why is it a JPG and not a GIF? What is going on in Teeny Weeny land???

Watch for the new Teeny Weeny marginals in a future issue of Nickelodeon Magazine and all will be revealed! I'm sorry, I don't know exactly which issue.

comments on comments! jane lake said: I hope your teeny weeny's are veggie weeny's! They are cute.

Dear Jane
Teeny Weeny lives in a magical land where every weeny is glad to be a weeny and every olive is glad to be an olive and nobody ever dies. Sausages, tofu, ants, toes, all live together in perfect harmony and were born out of nowhere.

anonymous said: Just a little comment to support everyone to go see the artwork! I work at the hospital and I know that the work that goes up is enjoyed by so many!

S/he's talking about the exhibition in Scotland where my comic "Hectic Grueling Torture Vision" is now hanging. I wish I could go!

eeteed said: glad to hear things are going well with runaway. i just finished rough pencils on my comic.

Send me a jpg! I'm sure we'd all love to see it! Come on! Just a pinch!

benny said: You never told me how much that little church cost.

The shoppe girle told me they had just sold it for $2,700. They were asking $3,000, but let it go for $2,700. I think that was a STEAL! Don't you, Benny? I wish you could see it all "live". It is an amazing thing.



slatts said...

Has PhotoShop corrupted the FreeHand world of TeenieWeenie???

eeTeeD said...

it's too hot. how can you cartoon when you are dripping sweat all over the pages and wrecking them! =(

Jed said...

Ok. So what's the deal with Dunstan Checks In? Have you already addressed this in some earlier post that I missed? Are you just being contrary by picking what seems to be unasuming family fare as your favorite movie, or am I seriously missing out?