a pinch of eeteed!

He did it! He did it!
See previous post for more info.

In the comments, Jed asked "OK. So what's the deal with Dunston Checks In? Have you already addressed this in some earlier post that I missed? Are you just being contrary by picking what seems to be unasuming family fare as your favorite movie, or am I seriously missing out?"

I'm going to step out from behind the curtain now and give a serious answer.

All of the "interests" listed in my profile are crap. I just put stuff in there to fill in the gaps. But I do think it's interesting that after it is all done, I can click on the links and connect to other bloggers who are interested in canned goods and The Happy Birthday Song.

As for Dunston Checks In: I hate that crappy new King Kong movie. My friend Bissette loves it. I told Bissette he oughta check out Dunston Checks In if he wants to see a REAL ape movie! And that is how Dunston wound up in my brain and in my profile.


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YAY! eeteed!

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