a BEAUTREX product

Look at this cool little box of Christmas lights I got in a junque shoppe for 25 cents! How could I NOT?

The tear from the top of the letter "s" to the top of the tree was caused by removal of the price sticker that the shoppe owner had stuck on the package. I removed it as gingerly as humanly possible, but that thing was determined to hang on!

How can people in the business of selling old ephemera that has lasted for years and years be so clueless and careless as to deface it on its last little leg of its journey into loving hands? I have committed similar (and worse) acts of recklessness in my life, but I was not in the business of selling fragile rarities back then.

Well, anyway, all hail Electric Robot Santa.


BonzoGal said...

Neeeeeato packaging! Congrats on your primo find.

There's a wine shop near me that sticks big oogly orange price stickers on bottles of schmancy-poo champagne, and they're impossible to remove. (Not that I'm swigging down the schmancy stuff, just sayin' is all.)

How were the lights? Were they... BUBBLE LIGHTS???

Marky Mark said...
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Marky Mark said...

They are just plain "bulb" lights - and they are all a oogly orange color!

(I deleted my above comment, after I decided to change "sickly" to "oogly"!)

Brian said...

Have you experienced the miracle of Goo-Gone? You can get all but the oldest, most dried-up price tags off anything with no damage. Even if it soaks into a porous surface, it'll evaporate completely with no side effects. It gets the sticky residue and everything. Don't buy crap without it!