one of many

This is just one of many MANY great records that have piled up here over the last several years that I have never heard because I don't have a turntable. God bless him, Michael Aitch Price shipped me a hand-me-down all the way from Texas a few years ago. Then it sat here a year or two waiting for me to get it hooked up, and the poor thing could barely go around circles by the time that was all done.

Choosing compatible components and actually hooking them up and using them is obviously more than I can handle. I'm not a luddite, I just never have the time to mess with it (or never make the time).

This thing looks like the answer to my prayers, and I'm thinking about asking Santa Claus for one. Or maybe this thing. The Crosley is more expensive (it's $349. Click the "price info" link for some interesting trivia!) But is it worth it? Is it really that much better than the TEAC? If you have an opinion, or actual experience with these things, please share.


Anonymous said...

How about this thing?:

BonzoGal said...

How's about this?

And you can buy Walnettos there too. And drawing creams for all your boils.

BonzoGal said...

Or these:

mickey franck said...

let me know which one you choose because I've got an old Victrola and a metic ton of 78s that need digitizin'.