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I'm proud to report that EVERYTHING is running smooth as silk, with a fresh new update every Friday morning. Hurrah for good ol' John at good ol' Panel to Panel!

Speaking of EVERYTHING, the comic above originally ran in Nancy's Magazine. In October, it will be re-run, along with some other material I originally created for Nancy's, in Slam Bang vol 3 no 2. Slam Bang v3#2 will also feature a full color back cover by me.

The links above go to the EVERYTHING posts about the mentioned publications - but will probably only work for one week. After that, you'll have to click the "prev" and/or "next" links to find exactly what the heck I am referring to. The web addresses appear to indicate that all pages slides back in the numbering system every week. Instead of each new addition to EVERYTHING getting a higher number, each new addition gets the lowest number, and older posts slide back a number. At least, that is how it appears to me. I know it's confusing. And really, who cares? I'm just explaining why, if you read this in the future, the links above probably won't work.

To keep an eye on Slam Bang and the release of v3#2. go here.

In reply to bonzogal's comments here:

Are you CRAZY? Those look like decent turntables, but they don't record to CD! I am looking for something that will record these records onto CD. How can I send Skillet & Leroy to YOU if I just play it on a turntable and listen to it?


eeTeeD said...

your recent search for antiquated technology got me thinking about mimeographs, and the possibility of using one to produce my comic book. there are a few modern day mimeographs still made, but i fear the only one in my price range would not produce acceptable image quality.
my best friend also thinks (and i fear he is correct) that people would shun my work if it does not have a slick, mass-produced look to it.
none the less, it would be nice to be able to print my own comic.
i'll try to send you another sample of the comic within the next few days.

Anonymous said...

That ION iTTusb turntable attaches to your computer via a usb cable. You'd record the lp as a wav file and then burn the .wavs to cd.
I think...