more love for teeny!


a tip o' the Hatlo hat to Duffy!


eeTeeD said...

tell us a bit about how you came up with teeny

Jed said...

you know, Chris Duffy has such awesome taste and is so comics savvy that he would be like, the best editor/publisher there could be for some small press comics company.

If he wanted to be poor.

Nickelodeon is so lucky to have him and to have Teeny and Sam Henderson and Dave Cooper and all those other good folks.

As far as children's magazine's are concerned, (except for the Britany Spears cover stories and the other preteen People magazine brick-a-brack in there) the comics section alone truly makes it the king of beers. The only thing that comes close is Goofus and Galiant! Which sucks balls.

Any more insight into the Highlights phenomenon? It's endurance, sameness, and enduring ass-suckiness is just impossible to fathom. I truly believe that they would have no readership if not for the kids that are forced to read it at the dentist's office for lack of any other options. They must force these dentists to sign up for decade long subscriptions. It's obviously some kind of racket.

What if someone came up with some truly awesome children's magazine and made some kind of campaign to squeeze Highlights out of the market? Would Dentists and Pediatricians be found murdered and mutilated in parking lots across the country, Goofus style? Who will end the tyranny of Highlights?