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Poor eeteed - checking in here faithfully every day and having to look at Peter Max art. It's awful! My truck died without warning (YES! The one I was going to have turf farmers fill with marijuana!) and it was just one link in a tsunami chain of woes that has prevented me from being creative. I actually LONG for the days of crushing ennui.

Benny to the rescue! Here is a message from Benny. It is a tardy epilogue to an ancient post wherein a complained that "My painting sucks" and he said "No it does not" and I said "Oh yeah? Prove it!"

Hey. Remember when I said I'd send some examples of when you "got it right"? I got so BIZEE that I forgot, until I was searching the blasted jabbyarchives for the Wallace Shawn reference. I know it was from the blog and we MUST find it!

Anyway, I ran across my promise to send something, so HERE IT IS!!
It stares down at me every day and it's still in my top 5 Pumpie things. I'll bet your fans have never seen this! If they like it, I can sure send more. We must do all we can to further that CAREER!

Additionally, I want a Yeah Butt. What's the update. (When we go "offline", remind me to tell you what I was thinking!)
I've been out of town being irrigated and eaten by tiny bugs, so I don't know what's really "up". I do know, however, that I've whacked off to that Candy Pants video more than once. That dern Mickey is some "panderer" ain't he? I'm just saying.

Your friend, Benny

back to me:

Yeahbutt update: is up and running (sort of) again, and the shopping info will be up soon. The info that will be up soon about the yeahbutt is that you can buy one! I'm still harrassing Sculptor Rick to nail down a price, but whatever it is, it will be a bargain like you have never heard of! You will want to buy more than one. Christmas is not that far away!

(The Wallace Shawn reference is just Benny having a senior moment. It's too embarrassing to explain here.)

Mickey update: Heck yeah, that Mickey is the pandererest! He just informed us that there is a NEW AD TALK at Dell's Den!


Benny said...

"Senior Moment" my ass!
What about the actual "link" that I sent you for the Wallace Shawn reference? Hmmm???

It was linked to this blog!

Other "bloggers" please help me out.
Pumpie refuses to believe me and I feel foolish and fat.

Benny said...

Remember when we were gonna drive over to Dell's Den?
why didn't we? Were we hitting too many garage sales?

kneelsen said...

Price! I forgot we still had to nail that down.
I'm progressing SLOWLY on the molds. I have to stop be a handyman long enough to make some headway on the Yeah Butts.
We'll get there.

BonzoGal said...

MAN that's a cool painting!

I dig the Nancy head. Why does she like Elvis' shoes so much?

Marky Mark said...

Oh YOU know -
The angels wanta wear his red shoes!