I'm somebody!

Pal and jabberous commenter and co-creator of Sourpuss and all-around neat guy Slatts had an opening for his art show at the Greenfield Community College downtown annex Friday night. Here's a picture of me standing by a picture of me, famous comic book creator.

I'm even gonna buy an artwurk (not the one of me, it is "NFS"!) tomorrow if it is still for sale. I can't tell you which one though - it is a SURPRISE present for somebody.

If you live in the area - or even if you don't! - stop in the GCC lobby in downtown Greenfield and get cultured!

Sorry about all the blurry pics lately... something's up with my camera!

ALSO go buy a YEAHBUTT! It is so easy now! You can even paypal!

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slatts said...

Great pic! I may need to borrow for "product endorsements"!

And thanks to you and Jeannie for comin' out to my show on friday...wish I got more of a chance to talk w/ you both. Tho I did speak w/ Jeannie a bit...she only knew "what I did" from Come Draw With Me's!

Speakin' of which, I gotta get on that "circus audience attendee"!....