limited seating

Don't poot around TOO long if you want to go to the circus. Three seats are already filled. Go here to see Jim and Greg's complete character (and TMD's as soon as he sends a higher-res version of it).

One person who said he may send a character is Brian from Rockheads. He also clued me in on this GOO GONE stuff, which may have been useful in removing the sticker from my Beautrex Christmas light box. So if you are an ephemera phreak like me, take Brian's advice as quoted here:

Put a few drops (I think all the new bottles have sprayers, so a squirt maybe) on the sticker and let it soak in for a couple of minutes, then add a fresh drop and peel away carefully. Add a little more afterwards if there's a sticky residue, and rub that off with your finger. Wipe off any excess with a paper towel, but be gentle because sometimes color will lift off some things. The cardboard may look like you've left a piece of fried chicken on it by this point, but when it dries up there'll be no sign of it. And your junk will smell like orange peel. It works especially well on the type of thing you mentioned: the dopes that put new tags or tape directly on an old item. Some really old tags won't budge, or if they do the dried residue won't. But it's never hurt to try.


Brian said...

It's like "Hints From Heloise" around here!

Jed said...

I think I'm like, the only one who did a self portrait. I think I misunderstood the assignment. Can I retake the test?